A candid look at Amazon’s direct communication style

Are there days you felt like this???

Applying those algorithms that I learned in college to a real-life problem

How I learned to think about catastrophic failures at high scale (Part 1)

The demise of the stock options changed the company

Develop a healthy disregard for your day job

Your “day job” doesn’t have to be your day job…

Sometimes bad things happen so that good things can happen

My “Microsoft Ship It” — every time you shipped a product, you’d get a little metal plate to stick on your award

Demystifying the Amazon interview

Top Amazon AWS Bar Raiser, Q1 2020, after 813 interviews

How things changed going from 1:1, to 10:1, to 100:1

How I changed the way we treat Code Coverage at Amazon, and got to meet Jeff Bezos!

Drawing lines in the sand is something good to keep you focused

Carlos Arguelles

Hi! I'm a Senior Staff Engineer at Google. Prior to Google, I spent 11+ years at Amazon. And prior to Amazon, I spent 11+ years at Microsoft.

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